Near the Loire and Saumur

girlsNear the Loire and Saumur, the great Royal Abbey of Fontevraud is arranged in a characteristic setting on the fringe between Anjou, Touraine and Poitou. Its scale, engineering and the whiteness of its tuffeau stone are an amazing sight! Come and find this memorable monastery, lived in for a period by Eleanor of Aquitaine and which is currently a hive of social and gastronomic movement. More


Sinceits development in 1101, the convent’s author, Women have impacted the Abbey of Fontevraud,the most notable being Eleanor of Aquitaine, the spouse of Henry Plantagenet, King Henry II of England. Additionally, right around twelve individuals from the Plantagenet line are covered in the convent church.


Later, after 1804, the Abbey got to be one of the harshest penitentiaries under Napoleon and it held this part until 1963. It is just from that point forward that it has been interested in guests.


Here, at the heart of the Abbey church, you can respect the supine funerary statues of four individuals from the Plantagenet tradition: Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II, together with Richard the Lionheart, their child, and Isabelle d’Angoulême (Isabella of Angoulême) the spouse of their more youthful child, King John (otherwise called ‘John Lackland’).


The entrancing kitchens dating from Romanesque times are covered up inside an inquisitive working of Byzantine motivation, on which the tops of the stacks were manufactured utilizing a “fish-scale” outline. These kitchens were at one time a smokehouse for protecting fish got in the Loire!


At long last, keep in mind to visit the substantial residence, the group and its patio nursery and in addition the section house, which are all exceptionally excellent.


In the Saint­-Lazare convent, you can round off this serene visit with a gastronomic dinner at Fontevraud Le Restaurant. Its fine cooking by gourmet specialist Thibaut Ruggeri utilizes nearby deliver and honors to the wines of the Saumur territory.


You can likewise spend an unwinding night in the Hôtel de Fontevraud, which is outfitted in a contemporary, exquisite and unfussy way.


The Abbey additionally has shows, displays and outdoors movies consistently.