In a perfect world arranged

In a perfect world arranged in the heart of Nantes, the Château of the Dukes of Brittany is found just before the estuary and the Atlantic Ocean and appears to close the historical backdrop of the Loire Valley and its châteaux. Here, you can find the historical backdrop of the dukes and city of Nantes, from the highest point of the defenses and in the Musée d’Histoire de Nantes (the History of Nantes Museum) housed inside the château itself.



Find the channel garden and the yard before wandering onto the bulwarks. From up there, you will appreciate a stunning perspective of the city of Nantes with its slate rooftops.


The external stone dividers open onto an effortless private royal residence dating from the fifteenth century: that of the Dukes of Brittany. The château was later revamped under the requests of Duke Francis II of Brittany and was in this manner decorated by his little girl, Anne of Brittany, twice ruler of France.


This ducal habitation with its white tuffeau stone veneers offers a colorful mix of Gothic and Renaissance styles. Radiant!



Through the 800 shows in plain view in the exhibition hall, guests will find out about the city’s past amid the key crossroads ever, including the connections amongst Nantes and Brittany, the slave exchange and the historical backdrop of industry in Nantes.


To help guests comprehend and inundate themselves before, an extensive number of sight and sound gadgets have been introduced including mixed media focuses, movies and other virtual reproductions.