It was Joachim Carvallo

It was Joachim Carvallo, the immense granddad of the present proprietor, who purchased the Château of Villandry in the mid twentieth century. Alongside his significant other he left on a noteworthy venture to reestablish the château, worked by Jean Le Breton, Minister to King Francis I, to its unique wonder. In actuality, notwithstanding, it is in his outstanding French Renaissance cultivates that the substance of this man of science is best communicated.


Made out of nine squares indistinguishable in size, the beautifying vegetable greenery enclosure is the pearl of the greenhouses of Villandry. Vegetables and blossoms frame a surprising interwoven of various hues which changes with the death of the seasons. The château’s group of cultivators replant this territory twice per year, utilizing no under 40 distinct types of vegetables!


Go for a walk through the rich spaces inside the embellishing garden. The main territory, made out of four distinct squares, brings out delicate affection, energetic adoration, changeable adoration and lamentable adoration.